Harford County Public Law Library

The Harford County Public Law Library is located on Level A of the Circuit Court building and is open to the public Mondays – Fridays, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm. The Law Library is closed on court holidays.  

The Harford County Public Law Library serves the law-related research and information needs of the judiciary and the public. The Law Library provides access to local, state and federal legal resources in a variety of formats, including traditional print and online resources. The Law Library is a non-circulating library.

Library Resources and Services

Court Forms - Text Collection

Included in the text collection are books that contain sample forms. These forms can be copied and then adapted by the patron to suit his or her situation.

Note: There are no ready made forms in the library that can be filled out for filing with the court.

Internet Legal Research

There are a variety of legal resources available on the Internet. The Law Library offers its visitors public access Internet terminals for legal research and writing purposes. We are pleased to provide on-site access to Westlaw and LexisNexis for legal research, SASI-CALC for child support calculations and MS Word for writing purposes.

Westlaw and LexisNexis are online legal databases that provides access to cases and statutes for all fifty states and a broad range of secondary sources, primarily Maryland law. SASI-CALC is an online Maryland child support calculator with up-to-date state law changes to determine child support as used by Courts.

Other Useful Links

Copy/Printing Fees

Users should be aware that the printing and downloading of certain material may be subject to the Copyright and related laws in Title 17 of the United States Code.  The Law Library does not have a copy machine; one can be accessed on Level 1 of the Circuit Court. 

Lawyer in the Lobby Program

The Harford County Bar Foundation does offer the Lawyer in the Lobby Program at the Circuit Court for Harford County. The Lawyer in the Lobby Program is staffed by volunteer attorneys who provide legal assistance to low-income, self-represented litigants. The attorney(s) who volunteer to staff the Lawyer in the Lobby Program provide limited legal advice and assistance for a minimal fee of $5.00. Appointments can be made by calling (410) 836-0123.

The Circuit Court for Harford County is not liable in any way for any advice given or any advice not given during one's interview at the Self-Help Center and/or at the Lawyer in the Lobby Program. The Lawyer in the Lobby Program is staffed with volunteer attorney(s) and are not Circuit Court for Harford County employee(s).