Self Help Videos

Planning to represent yourself in court? Do you have a legal problem and don’t know where to begin? The 25 videos below may help. Each video includes:

  • Transcripts in English and Spanish
  • A printable tip sheet summarizing the video
  • Links to resources, forms, and court services
Getting Started
Should you represent yourself? Or should you get a lawyer? These videos help get you on the track to self-representation.
Representing myself
Should I Represent Myself?
Law Topics
What is service of process? Small claims? Each video here offers a close look at a specific legal subject.
Rent court for tenants
Rent Court For Tenants

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Rent Court for Landlords Law Topics
Rent Court for Tenants Law Topics
Rent Escrow Law Topics
¿Necesita un Intérprete Judicial? Court Basics
Adult Guardianship: Introduction to Adult Guardianship Law Topics
Adult Guardianship: The Role of Guardian of the Person Law Topics
Adult Guardianship: The Role of Guardian of the Property Law Topics
Need A Court Interpreter? Court Basics
Overview of Maryland Courts Court Basics
The Foreclosure Process Law Topics
Foreclosure Mediation Law Topics
Mediation Law Topics
Expungement Law Topics
Before Court: Preparing for Your Day in Court Court Basics
Tips for Your Day in Court Court Basics
Can't Afford Court Filing Fees? Court Basics
Can't Afford Appellate Costs? Court Basics
Should I Represent Myself? Getting Started
Hiring and Working with Your Lawyer Getting Started
Finding Legal Help in a Civil Case Getting Started
What is the Law? Getting Started
How to Research the Law Getting Started
Bringing a Small Claim Law Topics
Defending a Small Claim Law Topics
Service of Process Law Topics