The Judicial Ethics Committee was established pursuant to Rule 18-302. Upon request from a State official of the Judicial Branch and in the context of a particular factual scenario, gives guidance by opinion or letter of advice, with respect to the application of the Maryland Code of Judicial Conduct, the Maryland Code of Conduct for Judicial Appointees, and Code, General Provisions Article, § 5-501 et seq. and § 5-601 et seq.

The Committee also reviews timely appeals from the State Court Administrator’s decision not to extend the period for filing a financial disclosure statement and determines whether to allow a judge or judicial appointee to correct a deficiency as to a financial disclosure statement or to refer the matter, as to a judge, to the Commission on Judicial Disabilities or, as to a judicial appointee, to the State Ethics Committee.

The Committee also submits to the Supreme Court of Maryland recommendations for necessary or desirable changes in any ethics provision.