Maryland Guardianship

The court appointed me as a guardian. Now what?

When a person is unable to take care of their personal or financial needs because of age, disease, or disability, the court may appoint a guardian. Court-appointed guardians protect Maryland’s most vulnerable individuals. The courts support these guardians with an orientation program, training programs, and other resources.

Orientation and training requirements do not apply to public guardians (local Department of Social Services or Area Agency on Aging staff) or guardianships that terminate parental rights.

Guardian Orientation Program

Prospective guardians must watch a video Orientation Program before they are appointed the guardian of a minor or disabled person. The program covers the roles, duties, and responsibilities of a guardian and what to expect if appointed.

Watch the orientation program here.

Guardian Training Programs

Guardians of the person and property must complete a training program.

Some courts offer the training as a class you can attend. You can also complete the training programs online. Others will allow you to complete the training program online. Ask the court that appointed you as guardian how you can meet the training requirement.

Access the online programs for guardians of disabled persons.
Access the online programs for guardians of minors.

Last updated: December 2018