Maryland Appellate Court Opinions

PLEASE NOTE: Only reported opinions are available here.  Reported opinions appearing on this website may not be the final, official version of the text of Appellate Court opinions/orders. Only the bound volumes of the Maryland Reports and Maryland Appellate Reports contain the final, official texts of the reported opinions of the Maryland Court of Appeals and the Maryland Court of Special Appeals filed on or before June 30, 2018.
Reported opinions filed on or after July 1, 2018 appearing on this website are the official and authentic versions of the text of Appellate Court opinions/orders, pursuant to the Maryland Uniform Electronic Legal Materials Act (§§ 10-1601 et seq. of the State Government Article). Be advised that there may be changes to these opinions after filing. The most current version will always be available at this website.

Reported opinions of the Court of Appeals and the Court of Special Appeals filed on or after November 1, 2019 will be listed in the index as slip opinions (“slip op.”) until they are published in a bound volume of the Maryland Reports or Maryland Appellate Reports (respectively). Slip opinions are subject to change. If changes are made to an opinion filed on or after November 1, 2019, a note will be made in the index indicating the date of the most recent correction(s) (“corr.”). If you wish to see a copy of the correction notice(s), you may do so by scrolling to the end of the opinion(s) and accessing the link, or by contacting the appropriate Clerk’s Office at 410-260-1500 (Court of Appeals) or 410-260-1450 (Court of Special Appeals) to request a copy.




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