Washington County Customer Survey

Please keep in mind that this survey is intended to capture your thoughts about how you were served while visiting one of the Circuit Court Clerk’s Offices, not your attendance in Court, experience with a Coordinators Office (e.g. Family Services Coordinator, Drug Court Coordinator or Permanency Planning Liaison) or visit to the Family Law Clinic.

Based on your most recent visit:

1. Which Department did you visit?
2. How long was your visit to our office?
3. How would you rate the COMMUNICATION skills (i.e. used understandable language, was clear and concise, etc.) of the clerk that assisted you?
4. How would you rate the PROFESSIONALISM (i.e. neat appearance, organized, etc.) of the clerk that assisted you?
6. During your visit, did you obtain any forms from our office?
7. Overall, how would you describe your satisfaction with the level of service that you received during your visit?
8. Is your feedback intended as a:

Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences during your recent visit to the Clerk’s Office. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us improve our overall customer service experience for the citizens of Washington County. We look forward to reviewing your comments.