Juror Information

Maryland’s jury selection law ensures that jurors are selected at random from a fair cross section of citizens residing in the County where the Court convenes.  Individuals must be at least 18 years of age and a citizen of the United States.  During the selection process, an appropriate number of jurors are selected to serve from a consolidated list of registered voters from the Board of Elections and those who are issued a driver’s license or identification card from the Motor Vehicle Administration. 

In Charles County, trial jurors are summoned for a term of one week/one trial, whichever is greater.  Grand jurors are summoned to serve a 6-month term and are required to appear on the pre-selected dates determined by the Court. (Approximately 7 days).  Grand Jurors will receive additional information regarding their orientation date and service instructions in the mail.

If you are summoned for trial jury service, please refer to the instructions located on your Official Court Summons.  Complete PART A, Steps 1 – 4 and return the completed Juror Qualification Form (PART B) to the Jury Office within ten days of receipt.  Your answers to the statements on the back of the form will be evaluated to ensure your eligibility to serve.   You may also complete the Qualification Form (PART B) online at: http://mdcourts.gov/juryservice/jurorqualificationform.

Please retain the bottom portion of your Trial Jury Summons which includes your Juror Identification Number, Juror Number, Service Period, Juror Badge, and Reporting Instructions.

You must call the recorded message line at (301) 932-3200 or (301) 870-2330, after 5:00 pm beginning the evening prior to your date of service.  Listen for your juror number and the instructions that will follow.  The reporting information is updated each evening after 5:00 pm during your week of service.  It is important that you call to determine your reporting status.

You will be provided a certificate of service for each day you are in attendance.   The reimbursement amount or the ‘per diem’ in Charles County is $30.00 a day.  A check will be mailed to the address on record from the Charles County Treasurer's Office upon the conclusion of your service period.  Please allow 2 – 3 weeks to receive your payment.  Trial jurors may also elect to donate their money to the Charles County Generous Juror Program.  (Please see additional details below).

An orientation film will be shown on the day you report to better inform you of the duties and responsibilities of a juror.  You may download the "Preparation for Jury Duty" pamphlet.  This brochure was developed as an introduction for first time jurors and serves as a reminder to those who have been previously summoned.

Proper attire is required.  There is no formal dress code, but you are in a courthouse and you must dress appropriately for court proceedings.  (No uniforms, shorts, cut-off/ripped jeans, T-shirts with logos, gym clothes, hats; except for religious purposes). 

Maryland law recognizes no exemptions based on occupation.  An employer may not deprive an employee of his/her employment for responding to a jury summons.  Please refer to the link below for additional details regarding the provisions of the Annotated Code of Maryland, Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article, §8-501 - §8-502 (Employment Loss and Leave). 


The Charles County Circuit Court does not offer any provisions for childcare or transportation. Possession and use of cell phones and other electronic devices are limited or prohibited in designated areas of the court facility. See NOTICE on Cell Phones, Other Electronic Devices, and Cameras in Court Facilities.

The Court adheres to a very strict excusal and rescheduling policy.  Advanced notification of vacations, medical appointments, scheduling conflicts, etc. shall be brought to the attention of the Jury Office at 301-932-3203.  Jurors may submit a written request to be granted a one-time postponement or alternatively request a new date of service online at: https://www.mdcourts.gov/juryservice/jurorqualificationform.

Jury Service is an important aspect of the rights, privileges and duties that we all enjoy as citizens. Your willingness to serve and participate in this essential pillar of our justice system is highly regarded and appreciated by the Clerk and by the Court.

Generous Juror Program

The Generous Juror Program is a collaborative effort between the Circuit Court for Charles County, the Charles County Department of Social Services, and the citizens of Charles County who are called for jury service.  The Generous Juror Program is a way for jurors to assist foster care children in Charles County.  Your donation will help provide services and activities that enrich these children’s lives, increase their self-confidence, and provide them with happy experiences during troubled times. The citizens of Charles County also benefit from the Generous Juror Program.  It is a tax-deductible donation, and your gift makes the community stronger.  If you would like to donate your payment or ‘per diem’, simply complete a Generous Juror Donation Form located in the Jury Assembly Room on the day you report for jury service.

Sheriff's Office and Clerk of Court warn of Jury Scam