Postponement Policies

Howard County Circuit Court Building

All requests for postponement must be electronically filed in accordance with the MD Rules. All requests must be in motion form.

If you are self-represented and wish you file a postponement, you may use the Motion for Postponement form. If the hearing date is less than 18 days from the date of filing a Motion for Postponement, a Motion to Shorten Time is required.  The hearing notice for the case indicates whether the case is to be held in-person, or remotely.  If you wish to appear remotely a Motion for Remote Participation may be filed.

The Motion must comply with the Circuit Court for Howard County’s Postponement Policy

If you have a trial date conflict, please review former Chief Judge Robert C. Murphy's Revised Administrative Order for Continuances for Conflicting Case Assignments or Legislative Duties effective May 15, 1995.

If you have additional questions or need reset dates, please contact the Calendar and Caseflow Management Office or Family Law Office.

Family Law Cases - Sharon Cains (410) 313-1496
Family Law Scheduling Conferences – Steve Ale (410) 313-2403
Criminal Cases - Lindsay Shimek (410) 313-3579
Juvenile Cases – William Green (410) 313-4185
Civil Cases - Paige Morris (410) 313-3575