Circuit Court for Howard County Courtroom Technology Procedure

The Circuit Court for Howard County has Courtroom Technology (listed below) available for use during Court Events. Attorneys interested in requesting equipment must complete and submit the form below. Five business days (5) notification is recommended as equipment/resources are based on availability.

If cases settle or are continued, it is the responsibility of the attorney/litigant to notify the Court (new e-mail). A new reservation request will be required for the new or continued date.
Request to bring personal Technology/Equipment:

Requested Technology/Equipment:

Personal electronic devices are permitted in the court house, but they are subject to the Restrictions and Prohibitions detailed in Administrative Order 2018-02. Permission to use electronic equipment in the courtroom must be obtained from the judge presiding over the case. Submission of this form will automatically be forwarded to a Judge. E-filing of this form is not necessary. See the below link for more information.

Failure to adhere to these policies may jeopardize future use of courtroom technology.