Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of cases does the Circuit Court for Howard County hear?

Please see the Courts About web page for information on the Maryland court system and the types of cases heard in the appellate and trial courts.

Who do I contact about Jury Duty?

Please call the Jury Commissioner at 410-313-3804.

I have a traffic ticket where should I go?

Please contact the District Court at 410-480-7700.

Does the Court offer any services for self-represented litigants?

Yes. See the Civil Law Self-Help Center and the Family Law Assistance Program.

Can I shield or remove information from my record?

Please go to access to court records.

Is there anywhere to buy/store food at the Court House?

There are vending machines located on the lower level of the Court House.

How do I get a copy of a transcript, and what does it cost?

See Transcripts for information on obtaining a copy of a transcript and the rates that apply.

What can I bring to the Court House?

See Administrative Order No. 2012-02 on Electronic Equipment, Cell Phones and Computers.

How do I become a court interpreter?

For information on requirements to become a certified court interpreter, information on the registry release list of interpreters, and scheduled workshops, see the Judiciary's Court Interpreter Program.

Is there space at the Court House to take depositions?

No, there is not any designated space in the court house for depositions.  Please contact the Howard County Bar Association if you would like to rent their space (443) 574-5018 or [email protected].

What is the Orphans' Court, and what does it do?

Beginning in December 2022, the Circuit Court will sit as an Orphans’ Court. The Orphans' Court oversees the probate process for many, but not all estates. The probate process involves enforcing wills, safeguarding minors' estates, administering estates, protecting beneficiaries, preserving creditors' rights and ensuring that the personal representative fulfills his/her duties.

Does Howard County Transit provide transportation to the Court House?

RTA route 403 has a stop in front of the courthouse. Visit the RTA website with routes and schedules.

How can I get the form for an advance medical directive and a living will?

You can find these forms on the Maryland Office of the Attorney General website.