Scheduling Policy

The scheduling process for the Appointed Attorney Program is quite complex and is affected by a multitude of factors including the number of hearings held, the demand for attorneys at these locations, shifts available for staffing and funding.

The Appointed Attorney Program Coordinators (Coordinators) strive to make the scheduling process as fair as possible and to include as many as attorneys as possible, but the overriding goal is to fulfill the Constitutional mandate to ensure those who are arrested and cannot afford an attorney have the opportunity of being represented by an attorney. The Coordinators continually adjust the process to ensure no one attorney has an advantage over any other being scheduled and are continually adding new attorneys in scheduling.

Due to this the Coordinators will not provide information on scheduling, cannot accept unsolicited calls to be scheduled and will only accept emails regarding preferences. The Coordinators will contact attorneys for all scheduling.

Appointed Attorneys are reminded that they are required to comply with protocols established by local Commissioner’s Offices and/or detention centers involving accountability, security and processes.

Applying to the program does not guarantee any selection to serve as an appointed attorney and any selection does not guarantee further or continued selection to serve as an appointed attorney.