Are You Eligible?

To be eligible for the District Court Appointed Attorneys Program, an attorney must:

  • Be licensed to practice in the State of Maryland, in good standing and not subject to any pending disciplinary proceedings;
    Note: Maryland Bar status is periodically reviewed; if at any time that status becomes anything other than "active", you will be ineligible for the Appointed Attorney Program and must reapply when in good standing.
  • Review the Information Videos before appearing for your first shift.
  • Understand all applicable Maryland Rules regarding Initial Appearances.
  • Complete and submit an Application for District Court Appointed Attorney Program (DC-86), a W-9 and the anti-discrimination acknowledgement.
  • Understand that application to the program does not guarantee selection to serve as an appointed attorney and any selection to serve does not guarantee further or continued selection to serve as an appointed attorney.
  • Agree to compensation of $60 an hour for services rendered, or receive pro bono credit.
  • Agree to comply with all protocols established in each jurisdiction for local Commissioner’s offices and/or Detention facilities, if scheduled.

   Scheduling: See the Scheduling Policy