Recording Fees for Worcester County, Maryland

NOTICE: Please note that Chapter 538 from the 2020 Session of the Maryland General Assembly provides that the current $40 surcharge on recordable instruments recorded among the land records and financing statement records will continue on and after July 1, 2020. For more information, see page 15 through 16 here.
  • $10.00 for a release nine (9) pages or less in length.
  • $20.00 for any other instrument nine (9) pages or less in length or for any instrument over nine (9) pages in length if it involves solely a principal residence; (This includes Termination Statements of Financing Records).
  • $75.00 for any other instrument ten (10) pages or more in length.
  • $15.00 for recording a Request for Notice of Sale (Foreclosure)


Recording Fee: same as above

STATE RECORDATION TAX: $3.30 per each $500 of consideration rounded up to the next higher $500.

STATE TRANSFER TAX: 1/2 of 1% of the Purchase Price or .25% of the purchase price for first time Maryland home buyers purchasing a principal place of residence.

COUNTY TRANSFER TAX: 1/2 of 1% of the Purchase Price ($50,000.00 exemption if owner-occupied) (If you pay agricultural tax the county tax does not apply to that portion of the property).

Surcharge for Land Records: For ALL INSTRUMENTS = $40.00 - No surcharge for: Notice of Sale, Power of Attorney, Plats and/or documents filed in Homeowner's Association Docket.

Refund of Tax and License Fees
If you believe that you erroneously paid tax and license fees, you may file a Claim for Refund of Tax and License Fees Erroneously Paid to the State of Maryland through the Clerks of Court.