Transcripts & Audio

Official Transcripts

To make a request, you will need to provide the case number(s) and date(s) of the hearing. This information can be found on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website.

You may submit requests online:

order transcript button

The cost of a transcript is as follows:

Original - $3.00/page
First Copy - $0.50/page
All Other Copies - $0.25/page
Appeals - $3.75/page
Standard - 14-day turnaround – $4.25/page
Expedited - 7-day turnaround – $5.00/page
Expedited - 3-day turnaround – $6.00/page
Daily - 1-day turnaround (24 hours) – $7.00/page

An estimate and payment information will be provided by the court reporter providing the transcription service.

Ordering Digital Audio Recordings

(Please note: Digital Audio Recordings may not be available for all court proceedings. Once a request is submitted, the Court Recorder’s office will determine if an audio recording is available.)

Digital Audio Recordings are made from the original master recording of a court proceeding and are available for verification of testimony only. They are not certified for court use and may not be used as the official court record in place of an official transcript. The duplication or broadcast of Digital Audio Recordings is strictly prohibited.

To request a copy of a Digital audio recording of a court proceeding, simply access our site and complete the secure online order form by clicking the “Order Audio” button below. Case information (such as case numbers and hearing dates) can be found on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website.  You will agree to our Limited Use Agreement and can make credit card payment in the amount of $20.00 (per date of requested audio).  If the audio desired covers multiple dates there will be a $20 fee for each date requested.

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