Recording Fees and Taxes

NOTICE: Please note that Chapter 538 from the 2020 Session of the Maryland General Assembly provides that the current $40 surcharge on recordable instruments recorded among the land records and financing statement records will continue on and after July 1, 2020. For more information, see page 15 through 16 here.

Costs, Fees & Charges

Payment in advance - no refunds - except as expressly otherwise provided in the schedule, or by statute or rule, the prescribed costs, fees, or charges shall be collected by this office before we record the instrument, perform the service, or deliver the document for which the costs, fee, or charge is to be collected. A cost, fee, or charge is not refundable.

Recording & License Division

Advance Recording
Land Records, Financing Statements

Pursuant to Chapter 642 (HB 1179), the following fee schedule for recording financing & land instruments are as follows:

  • $10.00 For a release nine (9) pages or less in length;
  • $20.00 For a termination of a financing statement nine (9) pages or less in length;
  • $20.00 For any other instrument nine (9) pages or less in length or it involves SOLELY a principal residence;
  • $75.00 For any other instrument ten (10) pages or more in length.


  • $40.00 For all recordable instruments in land except:
  • Power of attorney, notice of sale, plats, financing statements to be recorded in financing only.

Recordation & Transfer Taxes

Recordation Taxes

In the case of instruments conveying title to property, the recordation tax shall be at the rate of $4.10 per $500.00 rounded, of the actual consideration paid or to be paid, in the case of instruments securing a debt, the tax shall be on the amount of the debt secured. These fees are to be paid at the Cecil County Department of Finance. Many questions, including viewing or paying property taxes and/or sewer bills on-line, can be answered by The Cecil County Department of Finance website.

Transfer Taxes

Transfer tax is at the rate of .5 percent of the actual consideration, unless they are a first-time Maryland home buyer purchasing a principal place of residence, in that case the transfer tax rate is .25 percent of the actual consideration. To qualify for this exemption, each grantee must provide a statement under oath signed by the grantee or grantees stating that the grantee or grantees is a first-time Maryland home buyer who will occupy the residence as a principal residence or is a co-maker or guarantor of the purchase money mortgage/deed of trust who will not occupy the residence as a principal residence.

If you are claiming an exemption to taxes, you must cite the specific exemption code on your document. If the document is missing the code, full taxes will be charged.

Federal Tax Liens, Releases or Waivers

  • $3.00
Plats - Subdivisions
  • Minor Subdivisions - $20.00 (per set – which is 3 copies of each page)
  • Major Subdivisions - $5.00 (per set – which is 3 copies of each page)
Request for Notice of Sale (Foreclosure)
  • $15.00

On all instruments, please type or print on the front of the last page to be recorded the name and address of whom the instrument is to be returned to.


According to Maryland Law under real property Article TP 12-108 (G)(3) provides as follows:

To qualify for an exemption under paragraph (2) of this section an original mortgagor shall include a statement in the recital or in the acknowledgment of the mortgage or deed of trust, an affidavit under oath, signed by the original mortgagor, stating:

  1. That the individual is the original mortgagor,
  2. That the mortgaged property is the principal residence of the original mortgagor, and
  3. The amount of unpaid principal of the original mortgage or deed of trust that is being refinanced.

This means that the original mortgagor only has to pay on the difference of the principal payoff and the new mortgage.

EXAMPLE: Original mortgage was for $100,000.00 and the principle payoff is now $79,000.00. The new mortgage is for $150,000.00

$150,000.00 - $79,000.00 leaves a difference of $71,000.00.

Therefore, the taxed amount on the refinance is on $71,000.00