Administrative Orders and Policies

Description Issued
Reopening Order (COVID-19) 06-05-20
FY19 Unified Truancy Calendar (First Circuit)
Unified Truancy Calendar Attachment
Delegation of Duties 01-23-18
Increased Security 11-15-17
Odyssey File and Serve (First Circuit) 01-30-17
Settlement Conference Order 04-01-16
Appointments to Board of Property Review 03-11-16
Administrative Responsibilities if County Administrative Judge is Inaccessible 03-11-16
Appointment of Standing Examiner 01-15-16
Jury List for all Jury Trials Shall be Considered an Exhibit and Part of Record 07-01-15
Motions for Postponement in Criminal Cases Shall be Referred to the County Administrative Judge or Designee for Ruling 06-23-15
Access by State's Attorney and Office of the Public Defender to Certain Case Records in Juvenile Delinquency Cases 04-06-15
Clerk Authorized to Reissue Writ of Habeas Corpus in Continued Cases 05-30-14
Appointment of Trust Clerk 03-06-14
Prohibiting Weapons in Court Buildings 02-28-14
Trust Clerk Compensation 02-18-14
Genetic Test Results to be Sealed in Confidential Envelope 09-10-13
Clerk of Court Can Redact or Take Further Action to Protect Restricted Information 08-14-13
Appointment of Standing Auditor and Compensation 06-10-10
Fees/Costs in Paternity and Support Cases Filed by DSS Waived Unless Ordered Otherwise 05-01-07
Fee for Standing Examiner 12-10-02
Amendment to Civil (Non-Family) DCM Plan Establishing Business and Technology Case Management Program 11-02-02
Policies Issued/Revised
Postponement/Continuance Policy - 1st Judicial Circuit 09-28-2006