The cornerstone of our democratic form of government is a fair and impartial judiciary. In the State of Maryland, the judicial branch of government consists of four levels of courts, two trial and two appellate. The Circuit Court for Somerset County hears major civil cases and more serious criminal matters, along with juvenile cases and most appeals from the District Court, Orphans’ Courts, and administrative agencies. If a party in a District Court civil or criminal case requests a jury trial, those cases are heard by the Circuit Court under certain circumstances.

Whether you are a party in a legal matter, a juror or a citizen curious about how the courts operate, you are welcome in our courthouse. I invite you to observe firsthand how your courts operate and their role in protecting the constitutional rights of all.

Although the existing courthouse structure was built in 1904, the court has been serving Somerset County residents since 1747. Our goal is to apply the law equally and fairly to all parties in court cases, and to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

Daniel W. Powell
County Administrative Judge