Argument Schedule -- February, 2023


September Term, 2022


Thursday, February 2, 2023:

Bar Admissions

AG No. 42 (2021 T.) Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Marylin Pierre
Justice Battaglia (Retired Justice, Specially Assigned) will sit in place of Justice Gould.

Attorney for Petitioner: Lydia E. Lawless
Attorney for Respondent: Irwin R. Kramer

Misc. No. 9 Michele Williams v. Morgan State University

Certified Question from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit

Question: Does the waiver of sovereign immunity for “tort action[s]” in the Maryland Tort Claims Act, Md. Code Ann., State Gov’t § 12-104(a)(1), extend to federal statutory claims, including those where the alleged harm is wrongful termination in retaliation for whistleblowing?

Attorney for Appellant: Daniel E. Kenney
Attorney for Appellee: Julia Doyle Bernhardt



Friday, February 3, 2023:

AG No. 6 Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland v. Kevin Mbeh Tabe

Attorney for Petitioner: Brittany L. Strickland
Attorney for Respondent: Kevin Mbeh Tabe

Misc. No. 10 John Orlando Satterfield v. State of Maryland

DNA appeal.

Attorney for Appellant: Elizabeth L. Franzoso
Attorney for Appellee: Jessica V. Carter

No. 23 Prince George's County Council, et al. v. Concerned Citizens of Prince George's County, et al.
Justice Getty (Retired Justice, Specially Assigned) will sit in place of Justice Hotten.

Issues – Land Use – 1) Did CSA err in holding that a former property use as a zoning subcategory was not “reasonable and based upon public policy” and therefore violated the “uniformity” requirement of the Land Use Article? 2) Did CSA err in holding that it was not a reasonable public policy to use the zoning ordinance to seek to discontinue a non-conforming use when Maryland public policy favors their discontinuation? 3) Did CSA err in holding that a local legislative body may not use the zoning ordinance to incentivize closure of airports, and other activities closely regulated by the State? 4) Did CSA err by establishing a standard of review that effectively eliminated the presumption of correctness when a text amendment to a zoning ordinance is adopted? 5) Did CSA err in holding that Council Bill CB-17-2019 violated the uniformity clause under the Regional District Act?

Attorneys for Petitioner: Timothy F. Maloney and Rajesh A. Kumar
Attorney for Respondent: J. Carroll Holzer



After February 3, 2023, the Court will recess until March 2, 2023. On the day of argument, counsel must register in the Clerk's Office no later than 9:30 a.m., unless otherwise notified.