Petitions for Writ of Certiorari - May, 2022


September Term, 2021



Granted May 6, 2022

Ernest and Maryann Elsberry v. Stanley Martin Companies, LLC  – Case No. 6, September Term, 2022

Issues – Real Property – 1) May a court rely on legislative history unrelated to the specific statutory text at issue to override the consumer protections granted in the plain language and tabulation of Md. Code § 14-117(a)(3) of the Real Property (“RP”) Article, an unambiguous remedial statute? 2) Did CSA violate Article III, Section 29 of the Maryland Constitution by using the title of the bill “Prince George’s County – Deferred Water and Sewer Charges Homeowner Disclosure Act of 2014” to contradict the plain language of RP § 14-117(a)(3)(ii)?

Comptroller of Maryland v. FC-GEN Operations Investments LLC  – Case No. 7, September Term, 2022

Issues – Tax-General – 1) Should this Court overrule recent decisions and hold that on judicial review of a decision in a tax case, the agency owed deference in the interpretation and application of tax law is the Comptroller and not the Tax Court? 2) Did the Tax Court and CSA err in finding that estimated tax remittances are “deposits,” not statutorily required “payments,” when Maryland’s doctrine of conformity requires the application of federal law to Md. Code § 13-1104(c) of the Tax-General Article, and federal law considers them payments? 3) When properly applied, do Maryland’s voluntary payment rule and the statutory framework for refunds of estimated taxes found in found in Title 13 of the Tax-General Article require denying FC-GEN’s claim, which it improperly submitted for itself, under the law?

Terrance Belton v. State of Maryland  – Case No. 8, September Term, 2022

Issues – Constitutional Law – 1) As a matter of first impression, does a criminal defendant’s right to a fair and impartial judge and the appearance of a fair and impartial judge extend to appellate proceedings? 2) Does dicta in CSA’s reported opinion violate Petitioner’s right to fair and impartial judges and the appearance of fair and impartial judges? 3) Did CSA err in denying Petitioner’s Motion to Recall and Reconsider Reported Opinion where the opinion denies Petitioner’s right to fair and impartial judges and the appearance of fair and impartial judges? 4) Did CSA err in holding that the trial court’s erroneous exclusion of Petitioner’s testimony regarding the victim’s statement, “This is my block,” which was critical to Petitioner’s self-defense and defense-of-others defenses, constituted harmless error?

United Parcel Service v. David Strothers – Case No. 9, September Term, 2022

Issues – Workers’ Compensation – 1) Did CSA err when, in a case of first impression, it held, contrary to the plain language and legislative history of Md. Code § 9-504 of the Labor & Employment (“LE”) Article, that “definite proof” applies to the quality of evidence presented, and not to the standard of evidence presented when the same quality of evidence is required in all claims presented before the Workers’ Compensation Commission? 2) Did CSA err when it found that the Respondent met his burden of production when producing medical evidence to a preponderance of the evidence standard, a standard to which all other claims submitted before the Workers’ Compensation Commission must meet? 3) Did CSA err when, in a case of first impression, it held, contrary to the plain language and legislative history of LE § 9-504, that “immediate operation is needed” applies to the recommendation for surgery and not the timing of the surgery, finding 59 days to be “immediate”?



Denied/Dismissed May 27, 2022

Amick, Michael E. v. State - Pet. Docket No. 11 *
Arnold v. Solomon - Pet. Docket No. 2 *
Blake, Shaidon v. State - Pet. Docket No. 15 *
Brooking v. Moloney - Pet. Docket No. 33 *
Burbage v. Motor Vehicle Admin. - Pet. Docket No. 19 *
Chetty v. Spitzer - Pet. Docket No. 45 *
Christian Healthcare Ministries v. Md. Insurance Comm'r. - Pet. Docket No. 43 *
Collins, Theresa Lynn v. State - Pet. Docket No. 9 *
Cook, Winston Alfonso, Jr. v. State - Pet. Docket No. 37 *
Donald Excavating v. Comm'r of Labor & Industry - Pet. Docket No. 35 *
East Over Car Wash v. Carbajel - Pet. Docket No. 32 *
Edwards & Baird-Alleyne v. Ward - Pet. Docket No. 21 *
eWrit Filings v. Williams - Pet. Docket No. 23 *
Gaur, Sushila v. State - Pet. Docket No. 44 *
Gray, Davon v. State - Pet. Docket No. 426
Gritz v. 1116 Dunoon Rd. - Pet. Docket No. 47 *
Harrison v. Neiswagner - Pet. Docket No. 421
Jones v. Ward - Pet. Docket No. 20 *
Lewis, Adrian v. State - Pet. Docket No. 36 *
Mbongo v. Specialized Loan Service - Pet. Docket No. 24 *
Miller v. Barrett Business Services - Pet. Docket No. 46 *
Moise v. Hammon - Pet. Docket No. 53 *
Nationwide General Insurance v. Whelan - Pet. Docket No. 17 *
Park Sutton Condo. & Barkan Mgmt. v. Johns - Pet. Docket No. 42 *
Richmond American Homes v. Marc - Pet. Docket No. 7 *
Ross v. Ross - Pet. Docket No. 18 *
State Farm Fire & Casualty v. Moreland - Pet. Docket No. 16 *

* September Term, 2022