FAQ | Vendor Electronic Filing Service Providers

What is a Vendor Electronic Filing Service Provider (VEFSP)?
Vendor Electronic Filing Service Providers are third-party vendors who provide online services to help customers electronically file documents into the courts.

Which Service Providers are currently available in Maryland? List of certified providers

How do I become a Vendor Electronic Filing Service Provider? Any company who wishes to become a Vendor Electronic Filing Service Provider (VEFSP) in Maryland must complete each step in the certification process, which includes a technical certification process through our software vendor (Tyler Technologies), followed by an administrative certification process (including additional business case testing) with the Maryland Judiciary. Please review the process in detail here: Certification process

How long is the certification process?
The certification process can take 3-6 months for new certifications on average to complete.

How will I know when other VEFSPs become certified?
An email blast will be sent out to all registered MDEC users, court users and certified VEFSPS. Additionally, the VEFSP will be added to the list of certified providers on the MDEC e-filing website.

Which types of cases are e-filed by using a VEFSP portal?
All civil and criminal case types for circuit and district court. Please note, new criminal cases are initiated by the court, however, a filer can file into an existing criminal case through a VEFSP portal.  E-filing is also required for cases filed into the Appellate Court of Maryland and Supreme Court of Maryland. E-filers must have a case number to e-file into the Appellate Court of Maryland.

Will the Courts know when something has been filed through a VEFSP's portal?
Yes, documents filed through VEFSP portals are routed to the appropriate court location electronically.

What happens if a VEFSP system goes down?
If a VEFSP system is down, contact the VEFSP helpdesk. Contact information can be found on each VEFSP website.

What do you have to do to view an electronic record/case?
Users have the following options if they want to view an electronic record:

  • Case Search – cases that are open to public inspections are available online. Access to these records is governed by the Maryland Rules on Access to Court Records.
  • Maryland Judiciary Record Search Portal - pursuant to MD Rule 20-109, attorneys of record or parties on a case are permitted full access, including remote access, to all case records and documents in that action.  All other users may use this portal to view case records but not documents.   
  • Public Kiosk - case records (including documents) that are open to public inspection, are available on-site at courthouse locations.

Which service providers offer batch filing?
Batch filing only applies to Failure to Pay Rent case initiations. If you are interested in batch filing, visit the E-filing and Landlord Tenant webpage for details.

What e-filing options does each VEFSP offer?
To inquire about e-filing options such as fees, filing plans, and more, please contact the VEFSP directly.

Can I contact someone if I have further questions?

  • For specific VEFSP questions, please navigate to that specific VEFSP webpage to inquire
  • Judiciary Service Desk email : [email protected]
  • Judiciary Service Desk phone number: 410-260-1114