AIS-Update Your Contact Information

Maryland attorneys must keep AIS information up-to-date

Maryland Rule 19-802(d) requires you, as a Maryland attorney, to update your AIS account within 30 days after becoming aware of a change in the information.

AIS and the agencies that use AIS have the right to rely on the latest information in AIS for billing and disciplinary purposes and for other correspondence or communication.

Pursuant to Maryland Rule 19-801, all notices, invoices and other communications required to be sent to an attorney pursuant to the rules governing pro bono reporting, IOLTA reporting and the Client Protection Fund may be sent electronically.

It is important to maintain current information in AIS so you do not miss critical notices that may impact your ability to practice law and remain in good standing.

MDEC: Changing your address in AIS or through Client Protection Fund does not update your information in MDEC. Find more information about MDEC policies and procedures, and the MDEC change of address form here: