• The new compliance cycle for Maryland lawyers begins July 10. On or after July 10, use AIS to pay your Annual Assessment, affirm your tax i.d. number (TIN), and file your pro bono and IOLTA reports.
  • If you wish to go on inactive status you must submit a notarized Affidavit of Inactive/Retired Status to CPF no later than August 31, 2023. The form is available in AIS or at You may return to active status at any time by contacting CPF.
  • If you have been decertified for failure to file the Pro Bono Legal Services Report, see the Instructions for Pro Bono Late Filers .
  • If you have been decertified for failure to file the IOLTA Report, see the Instructions for IOLTA Late Filers.
  • If you have been temporarily suspended for failing to confirm your SSN or TAX ID number, or for failing to pay the Client Protection Fund assessment and/or late fees, contact the Client Protection Fund at (410) 630-8140.

AIS-Notices and Announcements

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Notice of Important Dates and Deadlines

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Single Compliance Schedule for Maryland Attorneys

The rules regarding pro bono and IOLTA reporting have changed to permit the creation of a single compliance schedule.

Pro bono and IOLTA reporting are now to be done on a fiscal year basis and reports will be filed online. Maryland attorneys will receive an email notification once per year, in July, notifying them that it is time to pay their Client Protection Fund assessment and file pro bono and IOLTA reports online.

Payments and reports  are due each year on September 10.

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Online Payments and Reporting Disabled for Suspended Attorneys


Last updated: March 2022