Certified Questions of Law Currently Before the Court of Appeals

September Term, 2019

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United Bank v. Richard Buckingham, et al. - Misc. No. 1, September Term, 2020

Certified Question from the U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland

Questions: (1) Whether the Maryland Uniform Fraudulent Conveyances Act, see Md. Code Ann., Com. Law §§ 15-201 et seq., which generally applies to “conveyances” made with the intent to hinder, delay, or defraud creditors, reaches a change in life insurance beneficiary, particularly in light of Md. Code Ann., Ins. § 16-111(d)? (2) Whether Md. Code Ann., Est. & Trusts § 15-102 grants a guardian of property the authority to change the beneficiaries of life insurance policies?

To be argued in the October, 2020 session of Court.

Counsel for appellants: James R. Schroll, Jennifer A. Brust, Jennifer O. Schiffer, William F. Krebs, Blake Frieman
Counsel for appellees: Richard Buckingham (Pro Se), Kenneth S. Nankin, Kenneth R. West, Charles R. Claxton