Courtroom A/V Information


The purpose of this new Audio/Visual system is to assist with evidence presentation for Civil Jury trials, although it can be used for non-jury trials if needed.

  • This is a standalone system that can only display videos, documents or pictures to various screens located throughout the Courtroom and is not connected to the Judiciary network to prevent the introduction of malware, viruses, etc.
  • None of the evidence presented using this system can be captured electronically, so all items must be given to the clerk in physical form for preservation of the record
  • There are seven monitors located throughout the Courtroom that are independently controlled by the Courtroom Clerk and/or the Judge:
    • Plaintiff’s trial table
    • Defendant’s trial table
    • Clerk
    • Judge
    • Witness box
    • Two wall mounted units
  • It is suggested that counsel provide their own equipment, preferably a laptop with:
    • an HDMI port (recommended)
    • a VGA port (supported, but requires an audio jack for use with video)
    • User knowledge of mirroring settings, etc.
  • Adapters are available for:
    • Apple products, with lightning port, but are not guaranteed to work
    • Android products, with USB-C connector, but are not guaranteed to work
  • Technical Support:
    • Cannot be provided by the Courtroom Clerk, Bailiff or Court Reporter  
  • Special Accommodations:
    • If additional staff is needed at the trial table to assist with your document display equipment, please contact the Judge assigned to the case prior to the trial