Frequently Asked Questions

How was I selected for Jury Service?
Your name was selected at random from voter registration records or Motor Vehicle Administration records.

Do I get paid for service? 
During your period of service, you will be paid the sum of $15 per day.

Can I bring a cell phone to the courthouse? Can I bring my laptop? 
Under Maryland Rule 16-110, possession and use of cell phones, computers, cameras, and other electronic devices may be limited or prohibited in designated areas of court facilities. No cell phones or any electronic devices are allowed in the jury deliberation room. The Court will provide you with a locker where you can store your cell phone and other electronic devices.

How do I get to the courthouse - where do I park?
Parking is available at the Library, behind the Treasurer's office, and on the street. For directions, see Directions/Parking.

Will I have to report for service each day of my month of service?
Jurors are to call the jury line 410-845-4861 after 4:30 the evening before each date to confirm service for the following day, including the first day.  You will need to know your reporting number from the “Juror Badge” portion of your summons.  The phone message will refer to these numbers each evening.  Also be aware that your summons will specify if you are a Trial juror or a Grand juror.  Grand jurors will receive a schedule of all dates for the year in which they serve.

Can I serve on more than one trial?
Yes, it is possible that TRIAL jurors may serve on multiple trials as the term is for one month.

Can my employer fire me for appearing for jury service?
No. Under Maryland law, your employer cannot fire you (or coerce, intimidate or threaten to fire you) if you lose time from work because you went to court for jury service or had to be in proximity to the court for jury service.

Also, your employer cannot fire you (or coerce, intimidate or threaten to fire you) if you exercise your right not to work on a day on which you are on jury service. Specifically, if you are summoned and you appear for jury service for 4 or more hours, including traveling time, your employer cannot require you to work an employment shift that begins:

  • On or after 5 P.M. on the day of your appearance for jury service; or
  • Before 3 a.m. on the day after your appearance for jury service.

The laws are Annotated Code of Maryland, “Courts and Judicial Proceedings,” Sections 8-501 and 8-502. Any person who violates these laws may be fined up to $1,000.


What if I have a medical or family emergency the day of service?
Please contact Judge Long’s secretary, Nancy Selby, to notify her of any reason you may need to be excused immediately. Do not wait until the day before you are required to appear for jury duty. You must provide advance notification of travel plans, medical appointments, etc., in writing to Nancy R. Selby, Circuit Court for Somerset County, P.O. Box 279, Princess Anne, MD, 21853. You may contact her at 410-621-7581.

Is child care available?
There are no provisions for child care. Children are NOT to be brought to Court with you.

How should I dress for jury service? 
We ask that all jurors observe courtroom decorum and dress as you would for work.  Generally no shorts, T-shirts with logos, hats or halter tops are permitted.