Wayne A. Robey, Clerk of Court

Picture of Clerk Wayne A. Robey

An employee of the Clerk’s office since 1986, Wayne was appointed to the position of Acting Clerk of the Circuit Court for Howard County in November 2012 by the unanimous decision of the Judges of the Circuit Court. He was first elected to the position of Clerk of the Court by the citizens of Howard County, Maryland in 2014. He was reelected in 2018 and 2022.

Wayne is a graduate of Howard Community College. He is a graduate of the National Center for State Courts Institute for Court Management 4-year Certified Court Manager program. He is a member of MAACM (Mid-Atlantic Association of Court Managers).

Wayne has served as the president of the Maryland Circuit Court Clerks Association and as Chair of the Conference of Circuit Court Clerks.

It is Wayne’s goal to serve the citizens of Howard County to the best of his ability in a professional and courteous manner.