Drug Court Programs

Drug Court Division
Circuit Court for Worcester County

Rooms 218 and 220
One West Market Street
Snow Hill, Maryland 21863

The Drug Court Division of the Worcester County Circuit Court was established in 2005. The Circuit Court currently operates an Adult Drug Treatment Court. The program is designed to help those battling substance abuse and their related criminal offenses. The Drug Court recognizes that changing addictive behavior requires constant vigilance, motivation, reinforcement and treatment to prevent relapse and promote change. The program operates with a team of agencies working together for service integration and collective treatment planning.

The mission of the Worcester County Adult Drug Treatment Court is to decrease substance abuse and related criminal behavior of non-violent habitual offenders through a comprehensive court-supervised drug treatment program, thereby increasing public safety by helping the participants to lead healthier, productive lives.

Drug Treatment Court (DTC) is a post-plea treatment-based program that offers intensive rehabilitation services to criminal defendants whose crimes are driven by their addiction. DTC is a 4-phase, 12-18 month program for adults who have committed non-violent crimes due to their problems with drugs/alcohol and are residents of Worcester County. This program is a team effort that involves the District Court, Circuit Court, State’s Attorney’s Office, Office of the Public Defender, Worcester County Health Department, Worcester County Jail, Division of Parole & Probation and local law enforcement.

Tracy Simpson
Drug Court Coordinator


Christa Lawrence
Drug Court Case Manager


For a program referral, contact Tracy Simpson