Courthouse - Circuit Court for St. Mary's, Maryland

Among the most important and precious foundations of the American society is the Rule of Law. Providing a fair forum for dispute resolution prevents individuals and groups from taking matters outside the law. In our nation, this forum is the Third Branch of Government, the Judicial Branch, composed of our federal and state courts.

Within each county in Maryland is a general jurisdiction trial court, the Circuit Court. Circuit Courts hear juvenile and family law matters; all jury trials; serious criminal and the more complex civil cases. In addition, certain appeals from the District Court of Maryland, Orphans’ Court and administrative agencies are heard in the Circuit Court. Under certain circumstances, the Circuit Court also hears cases from the District Court when a party requests a jury trial.

Located in Leonardtown, the courthouse is open to the public to allow all to observe first hand the functioning of the St. Mary's County Circuit Court system. It continues to be our privilege to ensure that all who come before us are treated with respect, dignity and in accordance with the law.