Proctor Information for Maryland bar exam

The Board of Law Examiners is entrusted with the responsibility to examine and recommend attorneys who meet the academic and character requirements to practice law in the State of Maryland to the Supreme Court of Maryland. In order to meet the academic requirements, all attorneys must successfully pass the Maryland Bar Examination. Non-attorneys who have received their Juris Doctor degrees sit for the General Bar Exam while attorneys licensed in other states, who meet certain eligibility requirements, sit for the Out-of-State Attorneys’ exam.

The Maryland Bar Examination is offered twice a year: Winter (last Tuesday and Wednesday in February) and Summer (last Tuesday and Wednesday in July).

For the General Bar Exam, generally 500-600 applicants sit for the exam in February and 1400-1600 sit for the exam in July. For the Out-of-State Attorney Exam, generally 70-90 applicants sit for both the February and July Exams. Finally, about 20-30 applicants require special accommodation which is often held at a separate site from the General Bar exam and Out of State Attorneys’ exam.

Due to the number of applicants taking the Maryland bar exam, exam proctors are needed to assist in the administering of both the General Bar exam and Out of State Attorneys exam. Proctors are paid to assist in distributing and collecting exam materials as well as ensuring that all examination protocols are followed without error.

If you are interested in proctoring a Maryland Bar exam, please review the materials provided below, fill out a proctor application, and mail it to the State Board of Law Examiners’ Office.

If you have any questions about proctoring the Maryland Bar exam, you may contact our office at (410) 260-3640 or [email protected].

Prospective Proctor Form Memo (PDF)

Proctor Frequently Asked Questions (PDF)

New Proctor Duties and Qualifications (PDF)

Proctor Questionnaire (PDF)