The Access to Justice Department was created to develop, consolidate, coordinate and implement initiatives to expand access to and enhance the quality of justice in civil legal matters.  The Department supports and advances access to justice innovations within the Judiciary. 

The Access to Justice Department provides language access services for court users.  The Department manages the Court Interpreter Program, oversees the translation of forms and critical public resources, and aids the Judiciary in serving persons with Limited English Proficiency. Staff conduct training workshops, testing, and continuing education for court interpreters.  

The Access to Justice Department develops resources to aid court users who are unable to secure the help of an attorney.  The Department develops written brochures, videos and other media to aid the self-represented to more effectively use the courts.  The Department aids the Judiciary in developing other resources to help those without counsel by developing self-help centers, providing training to aid court staff in better serving the public, and aiding the courts in effectively responding to the self-represented.

The Department fields complaints and concerns from the public about the Maryland courts.  The Department also oversees the mandatory pro bono and IOLTA (Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts) reporting process for all Maryland lawyers.

Kimberly Alvarez, Program Specialist
[email protected]

Ksenia A. Boitsova, Program Administrator, Court Interpreter Program
[email protected]

Maggie Cao, Video Interpreter Coordinator
[email protected]

Kristin Cravath, Esq., Program Manager, MCHC
[email protected]

Xiomara Iglesias, Court Interpreter Program Specialist 
[email protected]

Iris Joiner, Administrative Office Associate
[email protected]

Olga Kazakova, Testing and Training Specialist
[email protected]

Andreina Serrano Martinez, Program Associate
[email protected]

Christian Noble, Esq., Special Counsel for Technology Initiatives
[email protected]

Pamela Cardullo Ortiz, Esq., Director
[email protected]

Brittany West, Esq., Legal Content Analyst
[email protected]