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New Email Scam Targets Attorneys


The Maryland Judiciary has been made aware of a multi-state email phishing scam targeting attorneys, with the subject line:  "The Office of The State Attorney Complaint." 

Attorneys and individuals should be aware that no such office exists.  Do not reply and do not click on the link or open any attachments

Scams such as these often install malware on the recipient’s device and harvest sensitive information, provide remote access to your device for hackers, and send malware links to your email contacts.

As a general reminder, courts do not call or email people to obtain payments or personal information, nor do the courts request credit card or PayPal payments by email or telephone.  If you have any questions about a communication from a court, contact the court directly.  Contact information for all Maryland courts is available on the Maryland Judiciary’s courts directory.

People affected by this email scam or other scams may also contact the Office of the Attorney General, Consumer Protection Division, at 410-528-8662 or toll free 888-743-0023, as well as local law enforcement.


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