May 6, 2024


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Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) launches at Baltimore City District and circuit courts 
All Maryland courts have now implemented MDEC

BALTIMORE, Md. – On Monday, May 6, 2024, the Circuit Court for Baltimore City and the District Court of Maryland in Baltimore City will join the Judiciary’s statewide case management system known as the Maryland Electronic Courts (MDEC) system. This will mark the Judiciary’s successful completion of implementing MDEC statewide.   

The MDEC project, which began in the fall of 2014, has been implemented on a county-by-county basis over the past 10 years. MDEC replaces local case management systems with a single modernized statewide system which allows attorneys to transition from a paper-based process to a technology-based electronic filing system. The courts in Baltimore City join the rest of the state in making electronic filing (e-filing) mandatory for attorneys representing clients in all civil and criminal cases. E-filing was previously made mandatory for all appellate filings. Electronic filing remains optional for self-represented litigants.

The Circuit Court for Baltimore City and the District Court in Baltimore City will be open to staff only on May 6, 2024, in preparation for the MDEC launch. The circuit and district courts will re-open to the public on Tuesday, May 7.

“Baltimore City marks the largest and final of Maryland’s 24 jurisdictions to migrate to a more modern e-filing platform,” said Chief Justice Matthew J. Fader, Supreme Court of Maryland. “This technology infrastructure improvement greatly improves the Judiciary’s ability to provide access to justice and efficient service to the public. I thank all the judges, court staff, and our Judicial Information Systems and other personnel for their hard work and dedication to this monumental effort. I also thank the attorneys, litigants, and members of the public who will use the system for their patience during this process and cooperation in adapting to this new technology.”


“It has been years in the planning, and we are excited that Baltimore City now joins the rest of the state courts in offering e-filing,” said District Court of Maryland Chief Judge John P. Morrissey. “The Baltimore City administrative and associate judges, court leadership, and staff members have been extraordinarily dedicated to this effort, which has included in-depth training, extensive computer programming, and many other preparatory measures, all while maintaining daily operations.”

“We are excited to launch MDEC in Baltimore City, which will improve access to court services and resources for attorneys and the court users that we serve,” said Chief and Administrative Judge Audrey J.S. Carrión, Circuit Court for Baltimore City. “Judges, magistrates, clerk and court staff have spent countless hours learning the new case management system in preparation for the MDEC launch, which transforms the way the court does business and enhances the ability to continue to provide court services.”

“The employees of District Court in Baltimore City at all four courthouses have worked extremely hard to transition to MDEC,” said Baltimore City District Administrative Judge Geoffrey G. Hengerer. “Through the MDEC case management system, attorneys and court users can access publicly available court documents from any courthouse kiosk in Maryland, no matter where in the state the case originated. The MDEC case management system modernizes the courts by making them more accessible to the public, the bar, and justice partners.”

For more information about MDEC or to learn more about e-filing, attorneys can visit

Individuals who are not represented by a lawyer but who would like to e-file their court documents, may register for an e-filing account by visiting Self-represented litigants who have questions about e-filing may contact one of Maryland’s law libraries for assistance. Individuals who do not want to e-file their documents may request an account to view documents online only. This will give them access to their case without the ability or requirement to e-file.  

All users needing technical help with MDEC or with e-filing registration should contact E-Filing Support at 410-260-1114 or email [email protected].


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