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Media Advisory:
Maryland Judiciary Hosts Youths from DJS Facilities for
Oratorical Contest

(ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND – November 9, 2017) On Wednesday, November 15, young people from juvenile facilities throughout the state will come to the Maryland Court of Appeals to take part in the 23rd annual Department of Juvenile Services (DJS) Oratorical Contest. Media are invited to attend.

Court of Appeals Judge Clayton Greene, Jr., a panel of judges, and a courtroom of families and supporters will listen as the finalists deliver short speeches inspired by the poem, “You Will Never See Me Fall,” by Joyce Alcantara. The young contestants earned their places in the finals by winning oratorical competitions held in each of Maryland’s DJS facilities. The Court of Appeals is hosting the event, which is co-sponsored by DJS and the Maryland State Department of Education.

“This contest is a wonderful chance for these young people, who have been involved in the justice system in unfortunate and unenviable ways, to interact with the courts in a positive way and have their voices heard at the highest level,” Judge Greene said. “Their participation in this competition shows their ability to make positive choices, while overcoming obstacles they face in their lives.”

Please contact Government Relations and Public Affairs, 410-260-1488, for more information. See the notice from DJS below regarding confidentiality and privacy.

(Highlights from a past contest – two-minute video)

Maryland Judiciary hosts the 23rd annual Department of Juvenile Services and Maryland State Department of Education Oratorical Contest

Wednesday, November 15, 11 a.m. - 1 p.m.

Maryland Court of Appeals, 361 Rowe Blvd., Annapolis, Maryland 21401

Maryland Court of Appeals Judge Clayton Greene, Jr., presiding, with students from Maryland’s DJS facilities

Maryland Judiciary Government Relations and Public Affairs Division, 410-260-1488. Please read the following notice from DJS regarding privacy and confidentiality:

A Notice from the Department of Juvenile Services:
Maryland law and policies require that the Department of Juvenile Services maintain the privacy and confidentiality of those youth referred to the department, including those committed to their care and subsequently placed at private facilities. This requirement cannot be waived by the department without an explicit order from the courts or a written, signed consent of a youth and the youth’s parents.

Without waivers or consents, the media is requested to observe the following restrictions with regard to any youth:
Youths may be interviewed but may not be identified by:

  1. Identifiable descriptions of the youth, his/her name, address, or offense; or
  2. Photographing or filming which might reveal the identity of the youth.

For clarification of these requirements, please contact the DJS Public Information Officer at 410-230-3164.


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