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Maryland Judiciary Launches Comprehensive Attorney Information Database

(ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND, March 23, 2017) – The Maryland Judiciary is launching the Attorney Information System (AIS), a new comprehensive database that brings together information about Maryland attorneys maintained by the court-related agencies that support the Court of Appeals in its role regulating the legal profession in Maryland.  AIS also will provide a single portal for lawyers to update personal information, obtain disciplinary history and status, and file mandatory reports annually.

Initially, attorneys will use AIS to update their information maintained with the Court of Appeals, the Client Protection Fund, and the Administrative Office of the Courts.  Attorneys are required to identify a primary address and may designate any address as confidential.  Further, attorneys may obtain information about their status, including past administrative and disciplinary actions, whether those actions have been cured, relevant court orders, and whether they have been restored to good standing.  The capacity to file required reports will be added in the next implementation phase expected later this year.  In the future, attorneys will be able to use AIS to pay their annual Client Protection Fund assessments online.

“The Attorney Information System represents a significant investment by the Judiciary to improve the internal management of attorney records and to facilitate for attorneys both the reporting of required information and access to their status history,” said Mary Ellen Barbera, Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals.  “From concept to reality, AIS required intensive collaboration within the Judiciary.  I congratulate my colleagues on their vision and good work on this project.”

In April 2017, each Maryland attorney will receive a letter from the Maryland Judiciary by regular mail with information about the AIS and how to activate an account.  Attorneys will need an email address to activate their accounts and update information online.


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