What Can I Do To Help You?

The resources provided below were developed to aid court staff in distinguishing legal advice from information to better serve the public. The primary document is the booklet, What Can I Do to Help You. Materials also include posters and handouts that can be displayed in clerk's offices and court buildings, as well as materials you can use to train and orient new staff including a video, peer training resources, and activities for use in teaching the What Can I Do to Help You course.

Hard copies of the What Can I Do to Help You booklet, poster and handout (laminated or unlaminated) are available free-of-charge from the Access to Justice Department at the Administrative Office of the Courts. Use the Order Form for Printed Materials to request copies.

For additional information or assistance in supporting or training court staff on these materials, please contact Pamela Ortiz at 410-260-1258.

Book & Card/Poster Order Form Video for Tutorial or Training Purposes Additional Training Materials