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Court Referral Pad

Designed to be used at the clerk’s counter or on the bench, this fillable pad streamlines the process of referring court users to self-help centers, law libraries, and other court resources. Each page of the 5x8-inch pad features blank spaces and check boxes to indicate the type of case and nature of assistance needed. Litigants and court users walk away with a convenient record of their court experience that can be shared with other court resources.

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Resources for Self-Represented Litigants

A list of resources for self-represented litigants. This durable flier may be used as a reference for judges, clerks, and court staff when assisting with referrals.

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What Can I Do to Help You?

These materials were designed to help court employees understand the distinction between legal advice and legal information, so they can better serve the public. These materials can be used to orient new employees or train existing employees. The poster and one-page flyer can be used to educate the public about what court staff can and cannot do to help them.

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