Juvenile Record Expungement – Information for Victims and Family Members

Victims and family members have the rights to receive a copy of the juvenile record expungement petition, to tell the court if they object to the granting of the petition, and to a hearing if they file a timely objection to the granting of the petition.


Under the juvenile record expungement law:

  • A “victim” is a person against whom a delinquent act has been committed or attempted.
  • A “family member” is someone who is: (1) a family member of a victim, and (2) listed in the court file as having attended the adjudication for the juvenile case.

Service of the Expungement Petition

  • The court is required to have the expungement petition served on (given to) each victim and family member.
  • The court will serve the expungement petition along with Form CC-JRE-005, Notice of Right to Object to Expungement of Juvenile Records, and Form CC-JRE-006, Objection to Expungement of Juvenile Records.


  • Any victim or family member who objects to the granting of an expungement petition may file an objection to the petition with the court.
  • Form CC-JRE-006, Objection to Expungement of Juvenile Records, can be used by a victim or family member to notify the court of any objection.
  • The victim or family member should file the objection within 30 days after service of the expungement petition.


Juvenile record expungement forms are available at the Juvenile and Family Law Forms Index.