Vendor Information

Criminal Booking System Vendor Information:

The Maryland Judiciary authorizes a law enforcement agency to use an electronic version of the On-View Statement of Charges (DC-CR-002), if they sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to access and download the required forms. If the agency does not have an approved MOU, the agency is required to use the manual Statement of Charges (DC-CR-002) only.

District Court Headquarters – Commissioner Headquarters is responsible for reviewing and approving any new request for a MOU for use of the electronic Statement of Charges.

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For more information or questions regarding the process of submitting a signed MOU for approval or access to the secured electronic version of criminal forms, please email [email protected]

Traffic Monitoring System Vendor Information:

Any Maryland law enforcement agency or partnering vendor must submit their Statewide uniform citation and related documents package for approval and authorization for use by the Chief Judge of the District Court. A participating vendor/law enforcement agency must have authorization and approval in each jurisdiction of intended use of a monitoring system prior to the issuance of citations.

District Court Headquarters - Administrative Services is responsible for reviewing the citation and related document jurisdiction agency/vendor of the Chief Judge’s approval of the documents. Once the document package is received, any requests for updates will be sent by email.

After verifying content and formatting is current and correct, an approval letter on behalf of the Chief Judge will be issued to the agency/vendor, which will include the next steps and contact information for the Administrative Clerk of that jurisdiction.

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For more information or questions regarding the automated monitoring systems process or to access the template documents, please email your request to [email protected].