Traffic Violation(s) Payment Plan Notice

Do you have outstanding traffic citation fine(s) that total at least $150.00?*

You can request a payment plan from the court clerk if you have one or more citations for a payable violation issued under § 26-201 of the Transportation Article OR have had one or more fines imposed at a hearing or trial:

  • Fill out and submit form, DCA-131, Request for Traffic Violation(s) Payment Plan;
  • Certify that you cannot pay the fines (that total at least $150.00);
  • Agree to make monthly payments of 10% of the total fine amount; Specify the citation numbers and offenses; and
  • Inform the clerk if you change your address during the term of the payment plan.

The MVA may still suspend your license due to an accumulation of points.

Note: If you fail to make a payment by the due date or the total fine amount when due, your Traffic Violation(s) Payment Plan is voided and the remaining balance is due. The court may refer the amount of the unpaid outstanding fine to the Central Collection Unit (CCU). If referred to CCU, an additional collection fee of 17%, as permitted by law, may be added to the fines. You must then pay all outstanding fines to CCU. The court will no longer be able to accept your payment.

*Certain restrictions apply. Please see the Traffic Violation(s) Payment Plans webpage for more information. 

Rev. 10/01/2020