Expungement - Effective October 1, 2018

                                                                                    PUBLIC NOTICE
                                                          PETITION FOR EXPUNGEMENT OF RECORDS


Effective 10/1/18, the following felony convictions may be expunged:

  • Felony Theft (Criminal Law Article § 7-104) (CJIS 1-1134, 1-1135, 1-1136);
  • Possession with intent to distribute or dispense a controlled dangerous substance (Criminal Law Article § 5-602(2) (CJIS 1-1119); and
  • Burglary in the first, second or third degree (Criminal Law Article § 6-202(a) (CJIS 2-3000), § 6-203 (CJIS 2-3010, CJIS 2-3015), or § 6-204 (CJIS 2-3020).

If your petition is based on a conviction of a felony that is a violation under Criminal Procedure Article § 10-110, you may file 15 or more years after you satisfy the sentence or sentences imposed for all convictions for which expungement is requested, including parole, probation, or mandatory supervision.

The Petition for Expungement of Records – Guilty form (CC-DC-CR-072B) has been revised effective October 1st to reflect this change. The Rev. 10/2018 version of the form should be used beginning 10/1/18 and previous versions should be destroyed.

 For a list of expungeable offenses and their waiting periods, please see the List of Expungeable Charges under Criminal Procedure Article § 10-110 (CC-DC-CR-072G2).

More information concerning the expungement process can be found within the Judiciary’s Expungement Brochure (CC-DC-CR-072BR).

Two copies of most forms are available from a District Court clerk for free. Additional forms may cost $.50 each. For information on obtaining forms in bulk, contact the:
    District Court Warehouse
    2002A Industrial Drive, Annapolis, Maryland 21401
    Telephone: 410-260-1650
Purchase Order - District Court Forms (DCA-040)

Issue Date: 09/17/2018