Someone Owes Me Money

When someone owes you money or property, there are number of actions you can take. 

You can:

  1. File a civil case to get your money or property back.  The court that hears the case will depend on the amount involved.
    • $5,000 or less ""Small Claims Court. Your case can be heard in small claims court if the amount is for $5,000 or less.
      • The case must involve only money (not property).
      • The procedure is simplified.
    • $30,000 or less "" District Court or Circuit Court. Your case can be heard in either District Court or Circuit Court if the amount does not exceed $30,000.
      • The case may involve money or property.
      • The procedure is more formal and formal rules of evidence apply.
      • If either side requests a jury trial, the case must be heard in Circuit Court.
    • Over $30,000 "" Circuit Court. Cases involving over $30,000 must be filed in Circuit Court.
  2. File a civil case in rent court. If the money owed to you is rent or involves a rental property, your case will be heard in rent court. See the information on Housing for more information about rent court.
  3. File criminal charges. If you receive a bad check you can file criminal charges against the person who gave you the bad check.
  4. Once a court rules in your favor, you will have a judgment stating that the other person owes you money. You then may have to take steps to actually collect on the judgment.