Maryland Business and Technology Case Management Program (BTCMP)

Maryland Rule 16-308 was adopted by the Supreme Court of Maryland to establish a business and technology case management program to enable each circuit court to handle business and technology matters in a coordinated, efficient, and responsive manner and to afford convenient access to lawyers and litigants in business and technology matters.

The Maryland Business and Technology Case Management Program (BTCMP) is governed by the Committee on Complex Litigation under the Conference of Circuit Judges.  The Committee’s charge includes all complex litigation, except asbestos, with the initial focus on business and technology litigation. 

On June 8-9, 2023, The Committee on Complex Litigation hosted the Maryland Business and Technlogy Judicial Bootcamp. If you would like the materials for this bootcamp, or information on future seminars and bootcamps, please email the Complex Litigation Program Manager, Lisa Mannisi, or call at 410-260-3553.