Bail System Task Force

The bail system is a critical factor enabling the release of defendants who otherwise might remain in detention due to ineligibility for release on personal recognizance or release on other conditions. The bail system is complex and involves courts, other units of the Judiciary, and other stakeholders in the criminal justice system. Concern has been expressed that the Judiciary's practices and procedures may not be effective in implementing the current laws governing the bail system in Maryland. For this reason, Chief Judge Robert M. Bell signed an administrative order creating a task force to review the laws, practices and procedures governing bondsmen and bail bonds, and make recommendations for improvement.

Administrative Orders
  • Administrative Order (07-22-08) rescinding order on Advisory Committee on Bail System
  • Administrative Order (03-05-08) establishing Advisory Committee on Bail System and Rescinding Prior Order
  • Administrative Order (10-23-03) establishing Bail System Task Force (rescinded by Administrative Order dated 03-05-08)
Members of the Bail System Task Force

December 13, 2007 - Bail System Task Force met to discuss the Revised Draft Report.

Meeting Agendas/Minutes

11/10/04   Agenda  Minutes
05/05/04   Agenda  Minutes
03/03/04   Agenda  Minutes
01/21/04   Agenda  Minutes
12/13/03   Agenda  Minutes

Bill Laws

Compilation of MD Laws
Table of Contents

Bail Laws from Other States (Indiana, Florida, North Carolina)

Press Release

Judiciary Task Force to Examine Bail Bond System (10/27/03)

Summary of Auditor Recommendations for consideration by Bail Bond Task Force (01/21/04)


by Elizabeth Veronis on laws as to Judicial Branch Procedures (12/17/03)

by Rhea Reed, MD Judiciary Internal Auditor (12/17/03)