Maryland Attorneys
FY08 Sanctions and Actions Affecting Licensure

The Maryland Judiciary provides this information as a public service.  Information contained on this web site is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. For more information, or to determine if an attorney has been reinstated, please contact the Attorney Grievance Commission at (410) 514-7051. 

This list is updated on a monthly basis.

AKPAN, Emanuel Damascus - Reprimanded by the Court of Appeals for failure to adequately communicate with his client.

AVENDANO, Ana Luisa - Suspended for 90 days by consent for failing to act with reasonable diligence, failing to her client informed, failing to supervise non-lawyer assistant, failing to maintain an unearned advance fee in trust and failing to respond to Bar Counsel’s lawful demand for information.

BEKELE, Solomon - Suspended for 30 days by consent for lack of communication, lack of competence, neglect and engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

BLUMENTHAL, Michael S. - Commission reprimand for failing to establish a definitive fee agreement with his client which led to his failing to appear at her trial and failing to place partial payments from his client into an attorney trust account until such funds were earned.

BRENNAN, Richard A. - Commission reprimand for failure to competently and diligently handle accounts of debt management and debt settlement clients, failure to timely communicate with clients, failure to respond to requests for information and refunds and mishandling funds entrusted to him by clients for payment to creditors.

CALLIHAN, Herbert Aldon, Jr. - Disbarred by consent for his misuse of trust funds.

CONRAD, Stephen T. - Disbarred by consent for misappropriation of client funds in a reciprocal action from the State of Virginia.

COOK, Richard Baldwin - Suspended for eighteen months by Consent for filing two motions to recuse the judge in a federal lawsuit for alleged misconduct which had no connection with his client’s case and for filing discovery requests in pursuit of this motion against individuals who were not parties to the lawsuit and who did not possess discoverable information. Respondent violated Maryland Lawyers’ Rules of Professional Conduct 3.1 (meritorious claims and contentions), 4.4 (respect for rights of third persons), 8.4(a) (violation of Rules of Professional Conduct) and 8.4(d) (engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice). There was no allegation or finding in the disciplinary proceeding before the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana that Respondent made any false statements about the federal judge in his motions to recuse or at any other time.

DONEGAN, Rachel K. - Disbarred by consent for engaging in criminal activity; pled guilty to wire fraud in violation of 18 U.S.C. § 1343 and 18 U.S.C. § 2.

DUNWIDDIE, David A. - Commission reprimand for lack of competence, failing to abide by his client’s wishes, lack of diligence, failure to adequately communicate with his client, failure to respond to Bar Counsel and for engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.

ELMENDORF, John A. - reprimanded for advising an acquaintance that she and her husband could misrepresent their date of separation to obtain a divorce without waiting one year.

ENGLEHART, David A. - Suspended indefinitely by consent for accepting retainers for work that he had not performed and not returning those funds.

FLOYD, Angela T. - Suspended for 90 days for concealing the nature of her relationship with her husband, who was the author of a letter presented to the Federal Trade Commission, to secure a higher starting salary than she would have otherwise received.

FOX, David E. - Commission reprimand for lack of diligence and failure to communicate with his client.

GLASSMAN-KATZ, Robin - Disbarred by consent for lack of competence, lack of diligence in failing to respond to discovery requests and motions to compel and/or for sanctions and for misrepresenting the facts of her cases to her supervisor.

GREEN, Daniel H. - 30 day suspension by consent order. The misconduct involved failure to supervise an employee and engaging in the practice of law while he was administratively ineligible to do so.

HAMILL, Geoffrey Semmes - Disbarred by consent following his guilty plea to a felony count of unlawfully manufacturing a controlled dangerous substance (marijuana).

HARDNETT, Charlene S. - Suspended by consent for 60 days for transferring settlement funds from her escrow account to her operating account and failing to maintain those funds in the operating account.

HARRIS, Alan Edgar - Disbarred for having stock transferred to his name without his having the right to it.

HASKETT, Amber Carol - 30 day suspension by consent, based on a suspension in California for altering a Power of Attorney.

HOAGE, Donald, L. - Suspended subject to further order of the Court in a reciprocal action from a suspension in the District of Columbia he claimed a disability.

HWANG, Ray L. - Reprimanded by consent for failure to supervise his support staff.

IZYDORE, Julian J. - Disbarred by consent for misappropriation of funds from an Estate and his filing of false administration accounts while serving as Personal Representative of the same Estate.

KALIL, Thomas Ford - Reprimand by the Court of Appeals for misrepresenting that he was calling the office of an administrative law judge on behalf of Bar Counsel, but the Court noted that the gravity of the violation was minimal and his intention, although misguided, was not to deceive.

KELLER, J. Phillip - Commission reprimand for representing a client when the representation of that client may have been materially limited by his responsibilities to a third person or himself and he could not have reasonably believed the representation would not be adversely affected.

KENDRICK, Karin Marie - Suspended indefinitely for mishandling an estate and taking an excessive fee which was taken without approval of the Orphans’ Court.

KLINE, Robert L., III - Disbarred by consent based upon allegations of engaging in criminal conduct, dishonest conduct and conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and knowingly presenting perjurious testimony

KREAMER, Barbara Osborn - Disbarred for lack of competence, lack of diligence, failing to communicate with her client, charging unreasonable fee and making misrepresentations to clients.

KWARTENG, Charles O. - Commission reprimand for making a sexual gesture with his tongue at a female clerk at the Circuit Court for Baltimore County.

LAWSON, Jeffery - Suspended indefinitely for charging an unreasonable/excessive fee, failing to return unearned fees, failing to deposit unearned fees to trust and failing to adequately communicate with his client.

MAHONE, Willie J. - Reprimanded by the Court of Appeals for failing to respond timely to repeated requests from Bar Counsel for information concerning a complaint from a client.

MAIGNAN, Peter R. - Suspended indefinitely (continuation of current indefinite suspension) for practicing law while suspended and failing to place unearned fees in a trust account.

MARCALUS, Jeffrey S. - Suspended indefinitely by consent for engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice by sending a client inappropriate and sexually suggestive text messages and touching the client in a sexually suggestive manner while in the court house awaiting trial.

MARUDAS, Kyriakos P. - Suspended indefinitely for taking funds to which he was not entitled.

MBA-JONAS, Victor - Suspended indefinitely for commingling and misappropriation of escrow funds.

MCBROOM, Wayne I. - Reprimand by consent for failing to appear at a criminal hearing, failing to communicate with his client and not promptly refunding his client’s money to him upon request.

MCCULLOCH, Carol Long - Disbarred for taking a fee, failing to do work on the matter, and failing to return the unearned fee.

MIXTER, Mark T. - Reprimanded by consent for improperly delaying litigation in violation of the Rules.

MOLLICK, Georgina - Suspended indefinitely for conviction of misprision of a felony.

MOMODU, Lawal - Commission reprimand for maintaining a sexual relationship with his client prior to the conclusion of all proceedings in her divorce matter.

NGUYEN, Thai Hong - Commission reprimand for failing to provide discovery within the time provided by the rules of procedure, not requesting an extension of time in which to provide discovery and failing to respond to a motion to compel and for sanctions. He also failed to appear at a Court ordered settlement conference and commingled personal funds in his attorney trust account.

NICHOLS, Ernest S. - Indefinite suspension for disbursement of proceeds from a personal injury settlement to himself as attorney’s fees and to his client when the funds should have been turned over to the Bankruptcy Trustee because the client had filed a bankruptcy petition. He also failed to produce records requested by Bar Counsel.

NUSSBAUM, Jerold K. - Disbarred for repeatedly misappropriating client funds and presenting false ledgers to the Attorney Grievance Commission.

OUTLAW, Phyllis J. - Suspended for 60 days by consent in reciprocal action from District of Columbia, where she allowed the statute of limitations to run and then concealed that from her client. She also charged client a late fee without any provision in her retainer agreement authorizing the charge.

PAGE, Alfred Jr. - Suspended for 30 days by consent for failure to respond to Bar Counsel.

PAK, Hekyong, a.k.a. H. Christina Pak - Disbarred for fraudulently conveying real property and engaging in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud or misrepresentation.

PARSONS, David Wayne - Disbarred for filing a false affidavit and sending out a fraudulent press release.

POUPKO, Avrohom R. - Commission reprimand for placing client funds directly into his operating account prior to the completion of the agreed upon representation.

QUILLEN, James P., Jr. - Disbarred by consent for misrepresentation.

ROBERTSON, Bonar Mayo - Suspended indefinitely for practicing law while suspended.

SAPERO, Robert A. - Reprimanded by the Court of Appeals for failing to remove his fees from trust, failing to timely provide his client with a settlement sheet and failing to cooperate with Bar Counsel

SISKIND, William L. - Disbarred for misconduct involving a conflict of interest with a former client and for his false testimony at a deposition taken in his personal bankruptcy case.

SMITH, Patrick J. - Suspended for six months for impersonating a police officer and witness tampering, engaging in dishonest conduct, and engaging in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice.

STEINBERG, Jonathan A. - Disbarred by consent for misrepresentations to client and fraudulent billing practice.

STROUSE, James C. - Commission reprimand for failing to exercise the required knowledge, skill and thoroughness in handling service of process and documenting service of process.

TRAGESER, Stacie D. - Commission reprimand for failing to communicate with her client about the status of his case and for her untimely responses to requests by Bar Counsel for information concerning the complaint against her.

TURNBO, Monica Myers - Disbarred by consent for misappropriation of a client’s worker’s compensation award and abandonment of another client’s legal matter.

WALKER, Alfred Jr. - Disbarred for representing clients while decertified, failing to appear in court, and for entering his appearance on behalf of a criminal defendant with whom he had been arrested.

WEBSTER, Arthur D. - Disbarred for misappropriation of client funds.

WELLS, Brian A. - Commission reprimand for a conflict of interest by his representation of a client whose interests were directly adverse to a client he already represented, without first obtaining his first client’s consent in writing, after consultation.

WENDELBURG, Allan - Suspended for three years for neglect, failing to refund an unearned retainer and failing to pay income and payroll taxes.

WHITEHEAD, H. Allen - Disbarred for making a loan from the receivership for a ward, without prior court approval.

WILBON, Bernadette M. - suspended indefinitely by consent for lack of competence, lack of diligence, lack of communication with her clients, charging an unreasonable fee, failing to hold prepaid unearned fees in trust until earned and failing to promptly refund prepaid unearned fees, and failing to respond to Bar Counsel.

WINGERTER, Rex B. - Disbarred based upon his conviction in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia of the offense of misprision of a felony.

WORTHY, Michael R. - Reprimanded by consent for advancing funds to his client for mortgage payments while representing her in litigation concerning the property. He negotiated a lease of the property to another client, representing both parties.

ZUCKERMAN, Charles J. - Suspended indefinitely for failure to supervise his employee and failure to promptly pay lienholders.