Maryland Attorneys FY07 Sanctions and Actions Affecting Licensure

The Maryland Judiciary provides this information as a public service.  Information contained on this web site is believed to be accurate but is not guaranteed. For more information, or to determine if an attorney has been reinstated, please contact the Attorney Grievance Commission at (410) 514-7051. 

This list is updated on a monthly basis.

ARTIS, Paris A. - -Suspended indefinitely in reciprocal action with the District of Columbia for failing to respond to a DC Bar Counsel subpoena.

BAKARE, Adigun S. - Disbarred by consent for misappropriation of trust funds.

BAKER, Sean W. - Disbarred for lack of diligence, failure to communicate with a client, failure to respond to Bar Counsel, failure to protect a client’s interests upon termination of representation and failure to obey several court orders.

BUTLER, Alphonzo J. - Disbarred for misappropriation of client funds.

COFFIN, James L. - Disbarred by consent for misappropriation of funds of which he was trustee.

DOWNER, Daniel G., Jr. - Commission reprimand for failing to act in a timely manner, on behalf of the Personal Representative of an estate, to take control and/or possession of the assets of the Estate, failing to file the necessary reports and inventories in a timely manner, and failing to respond to Bar Counsel and other interested parties.

DRAZIN, Stephen A. - Commission reprimand for failing to deposit and maintain an unearned portion of his client’s advance retainer in an attorney trust account for safekeeping until such funds were earned as fees or used as expenses related to the representation. He also, failed to keep his client reasonably informed about the status of the representation.

EVANS, Dorsey Jr. - Suspended for 90 days for conflict of interest and incompetency.

FARBER, Mindy G. - Commission reprimand for continuing a telephone conversation with an employee of an opposing party after she learned that the party was represented by counsel.

FICKER, Robin K.A. - Suspended indefinitely for lack of competence, lack of diligence, failure to communicate, conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice and failure to place an unearned fee in a trust account.

FOX, Timothy - Commission reprimand for notarizing a General Durable Power of Attorney and Designation of Guardian for an elderly client, known to Mr. Fox from prior representation, without personally witnessing the client’s signature.

GEORGE, Philip J. - Disbarred by consent for misappropriation of real estate escrow funds.

GOFF, Randall E. - Suspended indefinitely for failing to keep accurate financial records, using trust funds for unauthorized purposes and failing to respond to demands for information from Bar Counsel.

HILL, John L. - Suspended for 30 days for a lack of diligence, lack of communication with his client and failure to respond to Bar Counsel.

HODGSON, Melinda Porcher - Disbarred for failing to communicate with her client resulting in the inability of her client to make informed decisions regarding the representation and failing to respond to lawful demands for information from the Office of Bar Counsel.

HOOVER, Stewart P. - Disbarred in reciprocal action with Arizona for failing to diligently and competently represent his clients, commingling and failing to take reasonably practicable steps to protect client interests upon termination.

IJEABUONWU, Chike - Reprimanded by consent for failure to supervise his associate, enter his appearance within five days of being retained in a criminal matter and failure to request a continuance when he knew months in advance that his client would not be able to attend trial.

IWEANOGE, John O. - Reprimanded by the Court of Appeals for authorizing a non-lawyer employee to sign pleadings and endorse orders filed in the Circuit Court for Arlington County, Virginia.

KING, Robert W. - Commission reprimand for failing to act with the requisite level of competence in his efforts to obtain issuance of a writ of habeas corpus requiring the Division of Correction to produce his client in court for a hearing. He engaged in conduct prejudicial to the administration of justice by picking up his client at his wor release job site without a court order or authorization.

KLARMAN, Marie E. - Suspended indefinitely in reciprocal action for delivering a false tax return, containing materially false information, to the Secretary of the Treasury.

LEE, Norman J. III - Suspended indefinitely for failing to pursue the matter for which he was retained for nearly two years and for failing to respond to his client until nearly two years after the payment of the retainer fee. Mr. Lee also intentionally misled Bar Counsel’s office during the course of its investigation.

LEE, Norman J. III - Suspended indefinitely for his conduct in failing to diligently pursue client’s legal matter, failing to communicate with client, failing to return unearned fees and failing to respond to Bar Counsel.

LEE, Norman J., III - Commission reprimand for failing to maintain, in trust, funds representing withholding taxes, failing to remit those taxes to federal and state tax authorities. He also failed on several occasions to maintain sufficient funds in his payroll account to cover employee checks which were returned for insufficient funds.

LEMIEUX, James M. - Disbarred by consent for misappropriation of client funds which resulted in a criminal conviction.

LLINAS, J. Christopher - Disbarred by consent for being convicted of tampering with evidence.

LONG, Dimone G. - Disbarred by consent as a result of a criminal conviction, failure to diligently represent his clients, failure to communicate with his clients, misrepresenting the status of the case to his clients, placing an unearned lien on a client’s settlement funds and failure to respond to Bar Counsel.

LYNT, Christopher H. - Suspended for two years for using confidential client information on a patent application in his name.

MAHONE, Daniel Q. - Reprimanded for failure to appear in court, making demeaning remarks to a judge in court, and walking out of the court while the judge was making ruling.

MAHONEY, Joseph J. - Commission reprimand for advancing $1,775 for living expenses to his client in a personal injury matter, both from his attorney trust account and from his office account. Upon receipt of the settlement funds in the matter Mr. Mahoney repaid himself the $1,775 from the settlement proceeds. He was unable to explain why the funds advanced to his client came from his trust account, when he had not deposited funds into the account for this purpose. Additionally, Mr. Mahoney had direct supervisory authority over a non-lawyer employee and he failed to make reasonable efforts to ensure that his employee’s conduct was compatible with his professional obligation as a lawyer. He failed to supervise this employee’s handling of the trust account, failed to make sure the account was maintained in compliance with the rules of professional conduct and failed to assure that the account was being reconciled on a regular basis. Mr. Mahoney also commingled personal funds with trust funds. On two or more occasions, the balance in Mr. Mahoney’s attorney trust account fell below the amount he should have been holding in trust for clients and third parties. Trust funds were used for purposes other than the purpose/purposes for which the funds were entrusted. Mr. Mahoney also failed to keep complete records of deposits into and disbursements from his attorney trust account.

MANGER, William H. - Suspended indefinitely for incompetence and charging an excessive fee.

MBA-JONAS, Victor - Suspended indefinitely for failure to safekeep client monies intact, failure to account for client monies in his escrow account, leaving earned fees in the escrow account, post dating checks and having negative balances in the escrow account.

McCULLOCH, Carol Long - Suspended indefinitely for placing an unearned fee in her operating account and spending it and failing to refund it to her client and for failing to respond to Bar Counsel.

MCRAE, Randy - Commission reprimand for engaging in the unauthorized practice of law.

MIDLEN, John - Suspended for 18 months in a reciprocal action from the District of Columbia Court of Appeals. Mr. Midlen converted a disputed fee.

MUHAMMAD, Patrick J. - Disbarred for lack of competence in handling multiple client matters, failing to communicate with his clients or respond to their inquiries, for failing to act to protect his clients’ interests upon the termination of his services, for charging an unreasonable fee and engaging in dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful conduct, making misrepresentations to his clients, and failing to comply with Bar Counsel’s requests for information.

OBI, Uzoma C. - Suspended for 30 days for commingling and failure to cooperate with Bar Counsel investigation.

PASIERB, John C. - Disbarred by consent for misrepresentation, on the status of two cases in civil litigation, to his clients.

PORTNER, Jonathan N. - Commission reprimand for conflict of interest in his dual representation of boyfriend-girlfriend in a criminal matter.

REES, Natalie H. - Suspended for 30 days for failing to maintain a substantial portion of an unearned retainer fee in her trust account, failing to refund the unearned portion of the retainer after being discharged from the representation and failing to respond to Bar Counsel.

REYES, Arcadia J. - Commission reprimand for charging an unreasonable fee in an immigration matter and failing to make reasonable efforts to ensure that her employee’s conduct was compatible with her professional obligations as a lawyer.

ROBATON, David M. - Commission reprimand for failing to ascertain the date on which his client had made a gift of her interest in her house before filing a bankruptcy petition on her behalf, filing an incomplete petition, failing to enter his appearance in the matter and failing to advise her on the effects of the transfer once he learned of it’s date.

ROBERTS, Quinton D. - Disbarred for misappropriation of client funds.

SCHNEIDER, Fritz H. - Disbarred by consent for failing to timely file a complaint on behalf of his client within the statute of limitations, resulting in the dismissal of his case, then, in an attempt to conceal his error, he misrepresented to his client that the case was settled and the Respondent paid his client from his personal funds as part of his scheme to misrepresent to his client that his case was settled rather than dismissed.

SPEVAK, Linda S. - Suspended for 60 day by consent for not adequately explaining her fee agreement, did not file client’s case in a timely fashion, and then filed the complaint after dhr hsd been discharged by her client. She also failed to prepare q QDRO for more than 2 years and did not communicate with her client.

STEINBERG, Andrew M. - Disbarred for lack of communication and misrepresentations to his client and misrepresentations to opposing counsel and failure to withdraw and take steps to the extent reasonably practicable to protect his client’s interest.

SUTTON, David D. - Disbarred for accepting fees and then failing to represent his clients diligently or competently and for knowingly making a false statement to Bar Counsel.

SWEITZER, Barry E. - Suspended indefinitely for submitting a fraudulent gift form to the Motor Vehicle Administration to effect transfer of title of a motor vehicle and failed to record a deed.

TATELBAUM, Charles M. - Suspended for 90 days in a reciprocal action in Florida where he entered a plea of nolo contendre to one count of submitting a false statement to obtain insurance.

WALKER-TURNER, John - Commission reprimand for failure to appear at a court hearing, failure to communicate with and keep client appropriately apprised of developments and failure to promptly return unearned portion of attorney fees.

WARD, Kenneth S. - Suspended indefinitely for acting incompetently and sloppy in representing his clients.

WARD, Kenneth S. - Disbarred for incompetence and for misrepresenting his disciplinary status to a court.

WHITEHEAD, H. Allen - Commission reprimand for failing to respond, without reasonable justification, to repeated requests for information and accountings regarding trusts for which he was trustee, made by or on behalf of the beneficiaries of the trust.

WILLIFORD, James E., Jr. - Commission reprimand for lack of competence, diligence and lack of communication, which resulted in two of his clients not being represented in proceedings filed against them and in one case resulted in his client having a judgment entered against him personally, and against his now defunct company.