Commission Members and Office of Bar Counsel

Commission Members

Linda H. Lamone, Esquire, Chair
J. Donald Braden, Esquire, Vice- Chair
Jeffrey P. Ayres, Esquire
David Coaxum, Esquire
LaNae S. Croxton
Barry P. Gossett
Timothy M. Phelps
Donna E. McBride, Esquire
William McKay Shipp, Esquire
Kerry D. Staton, Esquire
Deborah Warner-Dennis, Esquire
Dennis Whitley, III, Esquire

Executive Counsel and Director
Marianne J. Lee, Esq.

Office of Bar Counsel

Erin A. Risch, Acting Bar Counsel
Jessica B. McCully, Deputy Bar Counsel
C. Shea McSpaden, Assistant Bar Counsel
Nora A. Nichols, Assistant Bar Counsel
Brittany L. Strickland, Assistant Bar Counsel
Lisa M. Fishelman, Assistant Bar Counsel
Leonard H. Addison, IV, Assistant Bar Counsel
Kelly A. Robier, Assistant Bar Counsel
Lana B. Hitchens, Staff Attorney

Jason P. Bogue, Lead Investigator
Charles E. Miller, IV, CPA, Investigator
Daniel J. Weishaar, Investigator
Bill Lynn, Investigator
Darin T. Bush, Investigator
Drew S. Logan, Investigator

Susan Townshend, Operations Manager