Maryland Law Collections

The Library gives its highest priority to the acquisition and maintenance of Maryland legal resources. Therefore, its Maryland collection is quite comprehensive and includes resources of interest to both practitioners and self-representing litigants.

The Library's core materials include a comprehensive collection of Maryland primary law sources:

  • Maryland Annotated Code, both Lexis (Michie) and West editions
  • Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR), including materials incorporated by reference
  • Maryland Register
  • Maryland Reports and Maryland Appellate Reports, as well as the Atlantic Reporters
  • Codes from Maryland counties, cities, and municipalities

Links to free online versions of these important primary materials are grouped together on the Library's Gateway to Maryland Law page, to help researchers access information quickly.

The Maryland collection also contains critical resources for historical and in-depth research:

  • Superseded volumes of the Maryland Annotated Code (see our comprehensive list)
  • Prior versions of the Maryland Rules
  • Minutes of the Maryland Rules Committee (also available online)
  • Unreported Maryland appellate opinions
  • Briefs of the Supreme Court of Maryland (formerly the Court of Appeals) and Appellate Court of Maryland (formerly the Court of Special Appeals) (note: coverage may not be comprehensive)
  • Bills Files beginning in 1976. Contact the Library Reference Desk to find out which years are currently available.

In addition, the collection includes an extensive collection of Maryland treatises and form books.

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