Maryland Law
The Maryland Law collection is comprehensive and includes resources of interest to the practitioner, the self-represented litigant, and the curious citizen.

Anglo-American Law
The Library has one of the largest Anglo-American legal collections in Maryland, possessing a comprehensive array of both primary and secondary legal resources.

Maryland Task Force Reports
The Library's array of Maryland legislative task force and commission reports is a unique subset of its collection of state government publications. These task force reports merit special mention, however, because of their special place in the legislative history research process.

Maryland State Publications
Visitors to the Library will find one of the finest and most comprehensive collections of Maryland government publications in the State.

Scanned Collections
The Library has a growing collection of scanned Maryland materials, including Maryland Legislative Bill Files, Transactions of the Maryland State Bar Association, and Proceedings of the Maryland Judicial Conference.

Federal Documents
The Library acquires and retains legally-oriented publications from the Government Printing Office, such as the Code of Federal Regulations, the Congressional Record, Department of Justice materials, and Congressional hearing testimony.

Special Collections
Library visitors will discover the gems of the Library's substantial holdings in its Special Collections Room, including Acts of Congress from 1789-1791, signed by then-Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson, and History of the Indian Tribes of North America, by Thomas L. McKenney and James Hall (1837).