Gateway to Maryland Law

The Thurgood Marshall State Law Library has an extensive collection of primary and secondary sources focusing on Maryland law.  Many of these resources are available online, but some require physical presence at the Library to access.

Maryland Code | County and Municipal CodesCourt RulesCase Law | Regulations | Attorney General Opinions | State Publications | Task Force Reports | Incorporated by Reference | Law Reviews and Journals

Maryland Code and Laws of Maryland

Maryland statutes are passed by the General Assembly, Maryland’s legislative body. The Laws of the State of Maryland is a chronological collection of laws passed by the General Assembly. 

The Maryland Code is a compilation of the statutes currently in effect and is generally organized by subject (e.g., Criminal Law Article, Family Law Article).

The Maryland House and Senate Journals are records of the proceedings of the Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate Sessions. 

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County and Municipal Codes

The Library has compiled links to all Maryland county codes, and links to the many available links to city and municipal codes. Note: Baltimore City is listed with the county codes.

Maryland Rules

The Supreme Court of Maryland, the highest court in Maryland, exercising court rulemaking power. The current Code and Rules are available online through multiple sources. 

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Maryland Case Law

Reported and unreported opinions of the Supreme Court of Maryland and the Appellate Court of Maryland are available through multiple sources. 

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Maryland Regulatory Law

The Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) is the official compilation of administrative regulations issued by Maryland state agencies. It is available in print and online.

To access COMAR via Table of Contents, navigate using the Regulations by Title links in the left-hand pane.

Maryland Register supplements COMAR and prints changes to the regulations as they occur. This bi-weekly publication is the official source of information about many State government activities, including gubernatorial executive orders and appointments and court rules.

Opinions of the Attorney General of Maryland

These opinions are written by the Maryland Attorney General in response to specific legal questions from state or local government. A complete set of opinions are available on the Attorney General’s website. Opinions can be accessed in-person at the Library in-print and through subscriptions to legal databases, such as HeinOnline.

Maryland State Publications

Published in print and electronic format by state agencies, state publications cover a wide variety of topics and include reports, budgets, and newsletters. 

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Maryland Task Force Reports

Task forces, commissions, and advisory groups play a huge part in a working government in Maryland. These entities are formed either via the Legislature, the Governor, or another state agency to focus on one specific task, research the issues involved, and then write a report outlining findings and recommendations. These reports are often used as the basis for future legislation or regulations making their accessibility and preservation crucial. 

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Incorporated by Reference

Some jurisdictions adopt all or parts of technical standards promulgated by professional associations and incorporate them into the jurisdiction's own code. Some codes are available online, such as the National Fire Protection Codes (NFPC). Note that viewing NFPC codes requires an account, and there are no "print", "save", "cut and paste", or "search" options.

Maryland Law Reviews and Journals

Publications from the law schools at University of Baltimore and University of Maryland are accessible in several locations and formats, including via free web resources. 

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