Maryland Code and Rules Sources

Maryland Code and Court Rules

The Maryland Code is a compilation of the statutes and is generally organized by subject (e.g., Criminal Law Article, Family Law Article). The Supreme Court of Maryland, the highest court, promulgates rules that govern the practice and procedure in state courts. The Code and Rules are available online through multiple sources. 

Publishers of the three websites linked above manage the timing of their updates. The Library cannot guarantee that material contained on their pages reflects the latest amendments to the Maryland Code. Thus, researchers should verify currency with the website publisher or the original institutional author. These online versions do not contain annotations. Annotated versions of the current and superseded Maryland Code are available at the Library through print and database subscriptions. 

Laws of Maryland

Maryland statutes are passed by the General Assembly, Maryland’s legislative body. The Laws of the State of Maryland is a chronological collection of laws passed by the General Assembly. They are also referred to as session laws.

  • Access the Archives of Maryland Online to view the session laws from the 1600s to the present.
  • The Laws of Maryland are available at the Library in print and through database subscriptions.

Maryland House and Senate Journals

The Maryland House and Senate Journals are records of the proceedings of the Maryland House of Delegates and the Maryland Senate Sessions.

  • Access the Archives of Maryland Online to view select House and Senate Journals. 
  • The Maryland House and Senate Journals are available at the Library in print, microfilm, and through database subscriptions.